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"Forget about big agencies with huge rent rolls.....Manage your investment with personalised service from an investment property owner" 



Bats Property…. The name may sound a little funny... but our commitment to you is anything but.

After dedicating years of outstanding service to the real estate industry and personally owning multiple investment properties, Bats members identified the lack of personalised, thorough and professional service delivery to customers and investment owners in the Sunshine Coast region.

Having established an excellent reputation in the property industry and providing years of expertise to several agencies, it was decided to offer the Sunshine Coast and surrounds a more dedicated and personal service than was possible with larger estate agencies….. with that Bats was conceived.

Why Bats is different

Whilst the larger real estate companies have their place, the majority of their focus is on property sales and listings, as this is where the ‘money’ is for them. Property management is often looked upon as a secondary part of their business. To make it viable in comparison to property sales, they have to hold large rent rolls. As generally there is no focus on training or funding in this area it usually results in staff that are junior, lack experience, and have little to no specialist property management training and do not own investments of their own. This results in a poor experience or the tenant and owner.

At Bats property our focus is the exact opposite. We dedicate ourselves to providing the most outstanding and personalised customer service to both the tenant and the investment owner. The core of our business revolves around exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We provide the peace of mind to the investor that one of their biggest investments is well cared for, properly maintained and will continue to appreciate and provide the income they expect for years to come. Bats members are owners of multiple investments themselves and therefore understand what level of service investors demand and deserve.

Likewise we understand that the tenant is a paying customer, not just an annoying problem to be dealt with. We believe if the customer is treated as such and given the quality service they are paying for, they will continue to remain loyal just the same as any retail customer. Around 79% of tenants relocating homes is due to the perceived poor service they received from the property managers and or landlords. Therefore it is safe to assume with the provision of excellent customer service

there should be at least a 79% retention of quality tenants.


Property Management....


Property Management

If you are an investment property owner looking for the best service when looking after your property, then have our dedicated Property Manager provide you with unique and personalised service. Contact us below for a prompt, no obligation discussion about how we can assist you and meet your needs.

Rental Property Listings

If you are looking to rent a property on the Sunshine Coast, then contact our friendly dedicated property manager to discuss you requirements so we can locate your new home.



Having been a demanding and now experienced landlord for 35 years in 3 states and a stickler for detail, efficiency and sincere honesty it gives me great pleasure in being able to wholeheartedly endorse the Bats Management Team as a cut above the rest.


It is so satisfying being in a relationship with a Company that not only ticks all the boxes but goes that extra yard to ensure that your tenants are completely happy  and that you as the property owner can relax because you feel completely secure and confident that your property is being managed and looked after at the highest level.


Trevor Bennun 

Greg McPherson, Investment owner

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